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Refine Your Night with Our Premium Selection!

Experience The DL's elite Bottle Service. Select from premium spirits and champagnes, and enhance any celebration or night out with style.


Dinner On Ludlow


Dine in Elegance @The DL

Dinner on Ludlow, located on THE DL's first floor, blends old-world charm with modern elegance, offering a full-service bar and a chandelier-lit dining experience. Our menu, a friendly take on American Bistro, focuses on locally sourced ingredients and features seasonally crafted cocktails, suitable for pairing with any dish. We also offer catering services at THE DL, and we’re flexible to accommodate special requests to ensure your experience is unmatched.

Dine at Dinner on Ludlow on THE DL's first floor, where tradition meets modernity. Enjoy our American Bistro-inspired menu with local ingredients and seasonal cocktails. We also cater, ensuring every meal is a standout experience.